Thursday, 30 August 2012

Stoppit and Tidyup

Meet the new cleaner.  Blurry photos are my stock in trade!

Vacuum Cleaners are great.  There is very little that satisfies me as much as taking a room that is a real tip and tidying it up.  Putting stuff away in their proper place carries quite a thrill for me.  I imagine those of you that have supremely tidy houses with nothing out of place to begin with are bemused by this, but you should really try it.  Let a room get into a complete state and then feel the joy as you restore order from chaos.  Which is where the vacuum cleaner comes in.  It applies the finishing touch, the icing on the cake, the floor has been cleared of the detritus of life; books, coffee mugs, the odd slipper, an occasional hedgehog, all put back and then out comes the vacuum to give a room that just cleaned vacuum sheen.

I have quite the soft spot for vacuum cleaners as you can probably tell, so when the opportunity came up to put one to the test and then write about it, I will admit to having a little shiver of excitement.  Well, maybe not, but I was looking forward to it.  So much, in fact, that when it came to be delivered I forgot to let my wife know that it was coming.  Which meant that when a delivery man tried to foist what was for her a totally unlooked for cleaning device, she was, as you might expect, surprised to say the least.  Once the persistent delivery man had convinced her that the address was hers and that the name was mine and that really there wasn’t anything she could do but take the cleaner we were finally the recipients of a Hoover Globe.

Which is a very fine vacuum cleaner.  Its main selling point is the fact that it possibly more manoeuvrable than Ben Ainslie performing a penalty turn in a London taxi, which may or may not help, let me try that again.  It is more manoeuvrable than a greased eel in a dancing competition with John Travolta.  That’s not much better is it?  Ok, this time, this is the one ... it’s really manoeuvrable.  Really really manoeuvrable.  It was easily able to vacuum in our lounge, which is quite an obstacle course even at its tidiest, which it wasn’t when this photo was taken.  It made its way around the various toys (and a pair of socks that seem to have snuck onto the floor) with the grace of Torvill and Dean, and, as you would expect sucked up plenty of muck.  (My wife would like me to make it very clear that we live in a spotless white marble mansion, the gleam of which is enough to cause astronauts in the International Space Station to cover their eyes and that these photos are not at all representative of the state of our house, except for when they are, which is most of the time.)

Obstacles everywhere.  Of course I aranged the room like this on purpose.

Seriously, the Globe is a good vacuum cleaner that fulfills the promise of its marketing.  It is manoeuvrable, it was able to vacuum all the way up the stairs, and was light enough for my wife to get it up and down the stairs with ease.  In fact at one point I caught her behaving as though the cleaner was a dumbbell with which she was doing reps.  Which is a first as far as I am aware and as much of an advertisement for the lightweight nature of the vacuum as I can think of (you can have that ad campaign for free Hoover).  It sucks as well as any vacuum I have had and leaves the room with that just vacuumed smell that my nostrils delight at.   It was also able to stretch its way up to the top of our bookcases, (which my wife would also like to tell you are too many and packed with too many of my books and which could really do with a bit of a culling, which I would like to say is never going to happen).  Its ability to reach inaccessible places was demonstrated by the disgruntled family of dormice which had taken up residence in a remote corner of the study.

As proof of its lightness N decided to have a go
On the negative side it is noisy.  Not just normal cleaner noisy, but loud, and, in keeping with the manoeuvrability it has a small capacity for muck, which means more trips to empty it, which is the price you pay for being so light.

If you are in the market for a new vacuum this is one that I would very happily recommend,  especially if you suspect that you have a family of rodents in that spot you haven’t managed to vacuum since you moved in.  That does happen to other people doesn’t it?

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  1. I must admit that I like vacuuming. I'm not sure why I enjoy this chore, whether it's the electrical appliance or the fact that you can see the effect of it (rather than the usual tasks of cleaning an already clean counter/window/table etc) but it isn't bad.