Friday, 3 August 2012

Another Intermissory missive

There will be no regular parenting posting today.  Today has been a day when I actually had to practice the art of parenting which has left me with very little time to write about it.  Hopefully there will be a spectacular post concerning my deficiencies as a person on Sunday. 

Until then amuse yourself with this fantastic little doohickey that the BBC have kindly created for our enjoyment.  Check your body against Olympic Athletes.  It's pretty self explanatory, all you have to do is pop in your height and weight and it will match you up to athletes currently taking part in the Olympics.



  1. Well, I did as you suggested and compared myself to an Olympian. I was most like Ben Maher who is 6'2" so really quite unlike me. Then I realised that I had put in my height as 155m rather than 1.55m, happily I'm now exactly the same as a female swimmer.

    1. Ha! Bet that was a bit of a shock!

      Do you swim? Maybe Rio 2016 beckons? More exotic than London 2012 anyway!