Thursday, 23 November 2017

Dance the Night Away

You may know that my musical and performative abilities have been rudely critiqued on this blog in the past.  If not then please cast a glance over this post and have a quick chuckle at my expense. 

That was my eldest daughter’s opinion, however, it turns out she is not the only critic in my family.  L, who was 2 in August, is following in her older sister’s footsteps.  This evening I happened to be dancing in the kitchen while I was getting the children’s bedtime drinks ready.  This caused much hilarity amongst the children, who seemed to think I was trying to be funny.  That was enough to be a little hurtful, I will admit, but nothing compared to what came next.

L: “Why are you dancing?”
Me: “I like dancing.”
All simple and straightforward and in no way preparatory for the crushing blow I was about to receive.  Because, after this L said,
“No you can’t”  

I don’t know if you know what it is like to be told, with absolute clarity, that your dancing is so terrible it doesn’t even qualify as dancing.  Let me just say it was not the highlight of my day.  It was like if that one girl that you really like says hello one day but called you by the wrong name.  I’m not sure who Darren is but I’m sure he’s delighted you know his name.  He can probably dance as well.  Unlike me, according to my youngest daughter.  At least I know there is no future for me as a singer or dancer, so that’s helped to narrow my career options down.

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